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Most project updates can be followed in the game forum, but sometimes there are important annoucements and articles about game features that have their own blog post. You can find those in this section.

Kition Report #4


This report covers the recent development progress, some info about biomes the outline of the transport system.

Forum, updates and site changes


Entry about the latest changes regarding this site and Kition Reports schedule.

Kition Report #3


This report is about two core mechanics of the game, crafting and material processing. We'll also talk about translations and how user will be able to translate the game on their own.

Kition Report #2


In this report we cover the life in the settlement with its services, population and how can the player influence it. Also, some details about what we have been working on during this week.

Kition Report #1


In this report we cover the general gameplay, background, pricing and the expected release date of the first alpha version.