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Hello! It's time to talk about the latest changes regarding this site and Kition Reports schedule.

Site update

You may have noticed/read that there have been several changes in the site, this is part of an effort to use the site as the main place for screenshots, downloads and game info instead of IndieDB. The reason of this change is to have more flexibility with the design, links and an easier way to publish information.

We also now have a Nabbler forum embedded in the site, that can also be opened in an independent tab following this link (the link is also in the contact section)

The IndieDB site will have just important data (like the alpha release or major content update), while most of the game updates and info will be posted in this site and in the social networks (twitter and google plus).

Kition Report schedule

The current weekly releases of the Kition Report has proven to take up work time that would be better employed in other areas as the current phase of the game. The idea is to keep sending them but on a more flexible schedule so they can contain more quality info.

That's everything for now, see you soon!

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