Kition Restoration


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Game Features

  • Randomly generated dungeons
    The player can decide the level and biome of the dungeon he wants to visit.
  • History progression
    Global events change the world, npc aging and memories, town improvements.
  • House customization
    Equip your house with crafting benches and furniture.
  • Pets
    Robots created by the player and hirelings.
  • Modding
    Most of the game data is accessible through editable text and image files.
  • Free
    The game will be completely free, including expansions and new game modes when they are released.
  • Random missions
    From simple missions to large ones comprised of several parts that can alter the game world..
  • Flexible crafting
    The crafting system focuses on item classes (guns, armors, devices...). The materials used on crafting will define the item properties and their effects. For example with the beam pistol recipe the player can create both a laser pistol, or a plasma pistol depending of the components used.
  • Family genetics
    Finding a good and healthy spouse is important as the children attributes depends on those of the parents.
  • Dungeon seed
    Dungeons generate a seed that can be stored so it can be visited again or shared with other players.